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As a total logistics management service provide, we have the capacity and capability to handle the following tasks, 
To ensure that these services are to our customers satisfaction, our Operation Monitoring Centre (OMC) will take full responsibility to overseas that our overall logistics services comply with the quality, standard, safety and security equipments.


We have complete range of moderm logistics facilities to provide our customers with the standard of services. Our current warehouse space of 5000 sq ft at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) electronicsystems to facilitate efficiency such as MASGO Terminal, Spectrum, CustomDeclaration, Electronic Data Interchange System, Bar Code Label System and various warehouse and logistics advancements to ensure that our customer get the best. Airfreight shipments can be expedite to worldwide destinations on direct airline basis or as part of regular consolidators.

Export Services  
AOG offers nationwide pickup from anywhere in Malaysia. Freight can be picked up from most with minimum notice, in either bonded or non-bonded vehicles, For airfreight shipments, same-day or next-day uplift usually possible on many prime international carriers. All airfreight exports are monitored on OMC, AOG's proprietary computerized shipment tracking and tracing system.
Export Documentation requirements
       *AOG will assist you where permitted by law in the preparation of all documents to speedily and effectively move your shipments.
       *At your request, Customs clearance, including pre=clearance, in availaible both at originand destination. We can also assist you by providing shipping information by email and facsimile to the exporter as well as to the consignee.
       *Malaysia is beneficiary country under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) for all participating countries except the U.S.A. Shipment of eligible commodities must be accompanied by a Frm A Certificate of Origin.
       *Certain item of wearing apparel are subject to quota restrictions at the destination country. Shipment of such items must be accompanied by a valid Textile Permit.
Import Serices               
AOG can handle all import procedure in Malaysia, including Custom clearance for air and ocean freight. Our import department operates from 09:00 to 22:00 hours Monday-Fridays. Consignee or brokers are advised on arrival of shipment. To meet customer delivery schedules, we can extend delivery times dring weekends and public  holidays.
Import Documentation Requirements
       *AOG will expedite imports into the country by ensuring that correct documentation accompanies each shipment
       *AOG must receive the original, signed supplier's invoice clearly starting the CIF value  of the goods  to ensure prompt release of goods throgh Malaysia Customs.
       *Goods having this documentation will normally be cleared within 24hours  after arrival. Goods lacking this dcumentation may subject to considerable Customs delays.

1)FREIGHT FORWARDING                                                                                                    

  • Air Freight and Sea Freight
  • Customs Documentation
  • Door to Door any weight or size
  • Project Freight
  • Eectronic Custom Clearance
  • Broker Agent for Airline Charter
  • Fashion Services
  • Government Services
  • Import/Export
  • Personal Effects
  • Perishable
  • Lives Goods




  • Break bulking
  • Consolidation
  • Re-packing
  • Products assembly
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution


  • Bonded and Non Bonded Cargo
  • Transhipment cargo
  • Chartered truck